Home Sweet Home Printable Pack

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Nine Pages of Learning and Fun




Nine pages of fun and learning for your little ones. When I first introduce this to my kids they spent an hour coloring the pages and drawing.  We posted them up on the fridge and around the house for a few days as a continued reminder of our information and emergency plan. If you’re moving or have young kids this packet is a must! This also makes a great and thoughtful present for a new neighbor or someone you know who is moving.


The pages included in the packet are:

  • A nicely designed cover that the kids can color.
  • A detailed instruction page that gives tips and ideas!
  • My Info Handwriting Page
  • My Home Drawing Page
  • My Neighborhood Drawing Page
  • My Emergency Plan Drawing Page
  • My Phone Number Keypad (fill-in-the-blank numbers)
  • My Phone Number Keypad
  • My First Mail