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Samples include product descriptions and original product names for Crunch-A-Bunch Apple Tree, Second Helping Broccoli, Pea-Licious Pea and Total Package Hot Jalapeño Pepper. 

Midnight Queen Hybrid Eggplant – Rules Supreme Over All Other Eggplant

Her Royal Majesty, exclusively from Gurney’s, is the best home-garden eggplant—after two years of testing and trialing, we know you’ll agree! Unlike other eggplant, Midnight Queen’s meaty, succulent, bright white flesh does not turn brown when cut and retains an attractive appearance. Never bitter, The Queen is sweet and delicious inside and out—yes, even her rich, glossy, purple-black skin is a culinary delight. Prepare an exquisite eggplant parm or try a unique, tasty eggplant jerky! 6-8″ fruits can weigh in at over 1/2 lb. and hold up to freezing better than other varieties. Vigorous, hardy, easy-to-grow plants withstand drought, pests and disease. Slow-to-develop seed allows for a longer picking window. Even after other eggplant varieties slow and stop production, she will graciously continue to produce full-size fruit through the entire summer—long live The Queen!

Crunch-A-Bunch Apple Tree – The Best Tasting Golden You’ll Ever Munch

Exclusively from Gurney’s, we’re proud to offer a new and improved version of the beloved Goldrush Apple! Retaining Goldrush’s bright, intense flavor and long storage time, Crunch-A-Bunch™ proudly announces its improved texture with a loud and delicious CRUNCH! This strikingly flawless, golden skinned beauty ripens to perfection in mid-September and often blushes bright pink. Its sweet-tart flavor hints a tropical twist of pineapple and is perfect for snacking, baking and cider—a winner in multiple blind taste tests! Resistant to Scab and Fire Blight, Crunch-A-Bunch is the amazing result of the dedication and hard work of many apple growers, breeders and enthusiasts.

Second Helping Broccoli – More Flavor, More Broccoli

Harvest delicious, medium green heads of broccoli and leave room for seconds! With the prolific production of large side shoots after its main head is cut, Second Helping can be served over and over again! Awarded the honor of Flavor Favorite in our research garden, even the pickiest eaters will ask for more. Sow seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before your average last spring frost and transplant into the garden when plants are 4-6 weeks old. Enjoy roasted, stir-fried or fresh—there’s no arguing over who’s eating their vegetables when it comes to this broccoli.

Pea-Licious Pea – It’s Delicious!

Extremely attractive plants with blue-tinted leaves sport 2″ long pods with approximately 11 yummy peas per pod—these plants produce a ton of peas! Their bright green pods stand out on the plant making picking easy-peasy. Keep your peas well picked in order to encourage high production and you’ll enjoy a bountiful harvest of this delicious classic. Pea-Licious is quickly becoming a favorite among fresh-market customers and will have you shouting, “more peas, please!”.

Total Package Hot Jalapeño Pepper – This Pepper’s Got it All

Prolong your harvest and enjoy a continuous set of dark green fruit that is thick-walled, uniform and crack resistant. With an upright habit that may benefit from staking, Total Package is as tall, dark and handsome as they come. But looks aren’t the only thing that matters—this spicy-hot pepper is absolutely delicious! Mix up a fresh tomato salsa with zing or try an exotic jalapeño-strawberry jam. You’ll always appreciate its easy-to-grow manner—there’s nothing high-maintenance about this guy. When it comes to jalapeños, Total Package is quite the catch!

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