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Lucas David: A Birth Story

Monday was the first day of spring and the 9th anniversary of the first time I became a mom. My first baby and only son was born right at 37 weeks—a little jaundiced, but otherwise perfectly healthy. My husband and I were 25 years old and still living somewhat of a fairy tale, just 2.5 years […]

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Olivia Grace: A Birth Story

One of my goals this year was to write my children’s birth stories as their birthday’s approached and this month I’ll be writing two! I have four children all of whom have a unique story—each delivery was different! I hope you’re encouraged and empowered as a mom by these stories that I hold close to […]

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Books to Read: Free Printable!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to read more. Lately I’ve been piling books in my Amazon cart and using it as a checklist. I’ve also resolved to visit the library more, so I’ve been reserving books there and deleting them from my cart as I go. I wanted to share my list here […]

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Bible Journaling for Beginners

I’m thrilled to introduce you to my friend Allison! Lately she’s been posting these amazing photos of her new Bible journal and I just HAD to ask her how she got started. Thankfully, she agreed to share with the world! I hope you are blessed by her artwork and inspired to engage with God’s Word in […]

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A Piece of Forgiveness

When Harper was approximately 1 month old, a nurse cut off her right earlobe with a pair of scissors. It was an accident of course, but the injustice of it all still rings loudly in my two ears—lobes and all. This was the first hurdle in a series of long hard months that took place […]

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When You Meet Your Future Husband at a Bar

Today is my wonderful husband David’s 35th birthday. I’ve been trying to think of the best way to wish him a happy birthday on the blog, but I’m having trouble because I feel like I’ve never really talked about him here before. One Mom and a Blog has become *surprise* mostly about motherhood and mom-stuff, […]

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How to Tell if You’re a Gossip

The other day I was at Panera doing some freelance work while I ate soup and sat in a booth lit by warm sun. I had found a quiet corner and my introvert-self was pleased and content when suddenly a group of 5 women decided to occupy my territory. While I hated sharing, I will […]

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