Family Portraits

Hi! My name is Laurie. I am a first and foremost a Child of God—follower of Christ. I am also a wife, mother of 4, wellness advocate and writer. This blog is a journal of my days, a collection of my thoughts, and hopefully a platform for moms to share their ideas, encouragement, inspiration and advice! I also love my local Dayton, OH community and proudly support local small business and community efforts here on the blog!

My main passion is my children. My son is 8, my oldest daughter is 7, my middle daughter is 3, and my tiniest love is my 2-year-old daughter Harper Joy who was born at just 25 weeks! With a background in marketing and advertising, it is also my passion to write about products and experiences that I love.

So wrangle your baby with one arm, squint down at your smart phone, reheat your morning coffee in the microwave (for the 5th time!) and join a community where the real life experience of being a mom sometimes results in a few good tips and tricks.

By His Grace,


family photos

Family Portraits

Photography Credit: The Carrs Photography