Toxin-Free Living on The Essential Oil Revolution Podcast

This week I had the honor of being interviewed by Samantha Lee on  The Essential Oil Revolution Podcast. I had an awesome time chatting oils and discussing toxin-free living. If you haven’t listened to her podcast before head straight over and you’ll find TONS of interviews by essential oil enthusiasts from all different walks of life. Whether you’re a newbie or completely addicted to essential oils like I am, you’ll absolutely love everything there is to learn in each episode.

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Toxin-Free Living on The Essential Oil Revolution Podcast

As you all know, after Harper’s premature birth, I became determined to ditch toxins from our home. I’d love for you to listen and hear my best recipes, tips, and advice for making a toxin-free lifestyle happen one step at a time! We discussed “Toxin-Free Living” and covered the following points:

  • What is Fragrance?
  • What effects do toxins really have on our bodies?
  • Tips for being an informed shopper
  • The best places to start making healthy switches
  • Lots of DIY recipes for healthier living

If you listen to this episode, be sure to subscribe and leave a rating and review on iTunes! As always you can find all my recipes under the Non-Toxic Living section here on the blog.

Getting Started With Essential Oils is Easy

When I first started using Young Living Essential Oils, I got an amazing deal and I think it’s the perfect way to get everything you need to get started. It’s called the Premium Starter Kit and it comes with a diffuser, 11 “everyday” oils, 2 sample sachets of Ningxia Red (Young Living’s amazing superfood supplement), and additional oil samples.

I will also personally send you a Welcome Package with tons of educational resources + a sample of Thieves Household Cleaner. You’ll also gain access to the Oil Nation Facebook Page (and others, if you are interested), plus you’ll be enrolled in an introductory email course covering essential oil basics.

Join me on your journey of promoting wellness and toxin-free living!


Young LivingGet Started Using Essential Oils Today!


My Favorite Essential Oil Resources

For further reading and information on toxin-free living these are my favorite resources:

Young Living Blog

Young Living Search

Essential Oils 101 Class Audio

Chemical Free Home Books 1, 2 and 3

Gentle Babies Book

Reference Guide Book

Young Living Videos

ITOVI Scanner If you aren’t sure what this scanner does, check out my blog found here!

Think Dirty App

Essential Oil Reference Guide App

Articles Cited on the Podcast

Thanks again to Samantha for having me on the show!

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