DIY Essential Oil Recipe Roundup

Over the past 2.5 years I’ve made great strides toward a toxin-free home with these proven DIY essential oil recipes. 

Changing all of my buying habits took time. I was so overwhelmed when I started learning how toxic store-bought cleaning products and personal care products typically are. I didn’t know where to start!

I was finally able to gain the right education and mentorship towards wellness when I became a Young Living Wholesale Member. It’s kinda like having a Costco membership, but for essential oils and other wellness products!

Ditch and Switch

The first method I learned when I made the choice to be chemical-free was how to “ditch and switch”. My first inclination was to ditch it ALL! I was so appalled about what I was learning by typing products into the search on But seeing as though it would cost me a fortune to get rid of almost every product in my house, I decided to work through my home one month at a time.

When you sign-up for a wholesale membership with Young Living, you get this really awesome kit with a diffuser and 11 oils. That allowed me to ditch quite a few things right off the bat my first month going chemical-free.  



Fabric Softener

Fabric spray


Baby wipes

Face lotion

Make-up remover

Bug Spray

Homemade Deodorant


This is just where I started. I could have made my own all-purpose cleaner and laundry detergent along with a whole host of other DIY essential oil recipes too, but I was pretty proud of all these changes in just one month!

Essential Rewards

When month 2 rolled around I learned about essential rewards. If I spent $50 a month with Young Living ditching-and-switching then I would receive points back for free products and be eligible for other freebies along the way! Think of it like a perks card at your local grocery store. Now $50 did sound steep to me but I was replacing so many products already, I definitely spent more than $50 per month on cleaning and personal care products.

All-purpose cleaner

Laundry detergent

Dryer sheets



Lip balm


Do the Math

Have you looked at your budget lately? How much do you spend on non-grocery items at Target or the grocery store? I bet you’ll be surprised! One of the first things I noticed was that I stopped frequenting Target. That saved me like $200 / month right there!

As the months rolled on, my ditching and switching continued…


Dish soap

Dishwasher detergent

Hand soap

Hand sanitizer

Self tanner

Baby wipes


Time is Money

I know what you’re thinking, “that’s great, Laurie. But I don’t have time to make all my own products, are you crazy?!” First of all, the DIY essential oil recipes you’ll find below take very little time to make. If you commit a couple of hours a month toward making a few batches of everything, you’ll be good to go! I would also like to remind you that you don’t have time to be sick either, and chemical laden products make us sick. Besides, if you don’t have time Young Living has a full line of cleaning and personal care products that are all-natural and completely safe. If your time is more valuable to you, simply buy products that are already made from a company you know you can trust!

Teacher gifts

Cough drops

Vapor rub

Superfood drinks

bug spray

And more!

Sharing is Caring

Before you click around and check out my recommended DIY essential oil recipes below, I want you to know that I choose to share about Young Living after extensive research on the company. I was also talking about essential oils so much that I figured it would make a great affiliate here on my blog. When you click on any of think links that talk about Young Living and become a member, I get a bonus! The products come first for me, not the business. If I didn’t personally use and recommend so many of their products, I wouldn’t be telling you about them. I want you to feel comfortable knowing I would never share a product on my blog that I don’t personally use and believe in!


DIY Essential Oil Recipes


But Isn’t Young Living a Network Marketing Company?

Yes. And that’s the good news! So many men and women make a fantastic living through networking marketing. You know those leggings you’re wearing? And that make-up you bought from a friend? Network marketing. It’s a marketing technique that allows people to learn about products through their friends and family instead of ads on television or online. Simple. As. That. Do some people take advantage of their friends and family and use them to sell stuff? Yes. But you know who your real friends are, so don’t get offended. Politely say no, or simply opt out of the Facebook group they added you to!

Tried and True DIY Essential Oil Recipes

In no particular order, here’s a list of recipes that I use and LOVE! Half of them are recipes that I’ve posted, and the other half are from a good friend of mine who is also a Young Living member. Enjoy!

Dish Soap

Baby Wipes

Fabric Softener

Laundry Detergent

Skin Care

All-Purpose Cleaner

Lip Balm

Sugar Scrub



Outdoor Spray

Bronzing Butter

Become a Young Living Wholesale Member

If you’re interested in learning more about essential oils, I’d love to help. Visit my post Getting Started With Essential Oils and start ditching and switching today!

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