Clean Hands and Warm Feet: Fox in Socks Soapery!

When you haven’t posted on your blog since Christmas, you feel like a massive failure. But sometimes someone special comes along and shows you some love. This doesn’t always happen, but I sure feel lucky it did this time! Katie, from Fox In Socks Soapery sent me a message asking me to review a sampling of her products: Beautiful soaps made with raw milk and honey along with cute, colorful, crochet slippers!

I couldn’t be more excited about trying her soap, because soap you see, happens to be one product I DO NOT DIY. Oh, and I don’t crochet either, he he.

But I do love me some Dayton-made, all-natural goodies!


Katie’s package came with much anticipation and it did not disappoint. The slippers were the cutest and were quickly confiscated by my 3 girls even though they were several sizes too big on them. I’ve since stolen them back and had the chance to enjoy them myself.  Even though it’s summer my feet are always cold in the air conditioning and the holes provided by the crocheted yarn make a nice breathable alternative to heavy slippers! Check out Katie’s Etsy shop and see all of her cute slipper designs. I think these would make the most adorable gifts. A handmade gift is ALWAYS a big hit even if you didn’t make it yourself!


As if a new pair of house socks didn’t make me happy enough, soap in a sock just about made my day! First of all, I had never seen this before. Soap wrapped in felted wool? Who knew?! No more annoying wash clothes or slippery-sliding bars to mess with. This felted soap exfoliates your skin, lasts longer, and wool happens to be naturally antimicrobial! Plus I LOVE that all of Fox in Socks ingredients are organic and fair trade, and their raw milk and honey are Ohio-proud from fantastic local farms. The wool also shrinks along with the soap, and you are left with a nice little wool scrubby that you can use!


I’m thrilled to start purchasing more of Katie’s handmade items, but I am even more thrilled to introduce her products to our lucky group of delivery members over at City Seed Delivery! More about City Seed coming soon!

Do yourself a favor and ditch the store-bought soaps made with who-knows-what. And if you live in Dayton, do your city a favor and shop local!

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Special thanks to Fox In Socks Soapery for the soap and slippers! In exchange for the kind gift I am sharing my experience. As always, all opinions are my own. 




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