DIY Halloween Box Costumes

Last year I was unable to post my tutorials on the box costumes I made for Two Men and a Truck that were featured in a segment on the Living Dayton Show, and I just stumbled on the pictures of them in my photo album. At the time, we were still in the NICU with Harper. Honestly, I don’t even know how I had the energy to make these other than the fact that I love making stuff and it was a fun outlet for me!

I know it might be difficult to look at a box and transform it into a fun, wearable costume, but the key to coming up with a great concept is all in the economics! I HATE spending money on Halloween costumes. HATE it. Mostly because I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, but I know the kids love dressing up and, well… candy. So, the way we decide on what everyone’s going to be for Halloween is by asking ourselves two questions:

1.) How about dressing up in what your brother did last year? lol

2.) What do we have in our dress up bin that we can expand on?

Number 2 is how we came up with last years ideas for the cowboy and Rapunzel. We already had all the accessories for the cowboy (minus the boots which would have been cute but oh well!), and we had the Rapunzel dress and shoes (as we do 6 other Disney Princess costumes, which was why Ella was a Cinderella doll last year!).

DIY Cinderella Costume

All I had to do was order the Rapunzel wig! The idea for draping her hair out of ‘a window’ just kind of came to me when I saw the costume, so this was a no-brainer. A little sponge paint to replicate a stone tower and ta-da! I’d say the hardest part about this costume and the doll box was getting it to a point that it was comfortable for her and not falling off constantly. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures, but if you look closely you’ll see that the straps around her arms allow the box to be worn like a backpack.

DIY Halloween Costume

DIY Halloween Costume

When thinking about the structure of a box costume these are the two best ways for the box to be worn.

1.) Over the Shoulders

2.) Around the Shoulders like a Backpack

If you begin brainstorming with just the box structures of these two costumes you could come up with endless ideas for a creative-budget friendly Halloween! Last year, Lucas was R2-D2. You can’t tell in the picture, because the straps are hidden inside, but the R2-D2 costume is the classic over-the-shoulder style.

DIY Halloween Costume

You can check out my R2-D2 costume post and HERE and print out the decals that I drew HERE!

These costumes were so fun and bring back fond memories of our Two Men and a Truck franchise! Although Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, I have always found fun ways for the kids to participate. A few years back we did some hair chalking that I thought was super fun. I don’t have anything planned for this year because we’ll be going out of town Halloween weekend, but the kids are already clamoring about their costumes. I guess we’ll see what I can come up with on the road!

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3 comments on “DIY Halloween Box Costumes

  1. What a fun twist to the Rapunzel costume — I bet she was the only one in a tower!

    We love using cardboard boxes for all sorts of things. Last year most of my son’s costume was from boxes — including the helmet he wore. Inexpensive and creative, too!

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