Hanging Cardboard Bunny Decoration

Earlier this week I had the privilege of sharing some spring crafts on our local Dayton talk show, Living Dayton. I absolutely love the change of seasons and it is always exciting to break out my spring wreath and hang it on my front door. BUT this spring my wreath might have to step aside for a bit because I’ve decided to hang this adorable bunny instead.

I started out with a simple cardboard box! Here are all the supplies you’ll need to create a cute little cardboard bunny of your own:

cardboard rabbit

First, lay your cardboard flat and draw out the shape of your rabbit. I used a large dinner plate and a dessert plate to trace the circles for my bunny’s head and body and then I free-handed the ears. Later I realized that the folded ear is a little long, but hopefully I’m the only one bothered by it!

Next, using your hot glue gun and some yarn, begin slowly wrapping the yarn around the cardboard. For a sturdier frame glue two pieces of the cardboard rabbit cutout together. I only used one, and it’s only flimsy when your holding it, but perfect for hanging. I started wrapping the yarn from the bottom and made my way up to the ears.

Now just like any knitting project, the yarn takes perseverance. I’d say I was wrapping for at least an hour. It is so worth it though. Keep going!!

Finally, after all that yarn wrapping it’s time to add the finishing touches! For the bushy pom-pom tail I used white yarn and I followed this tutorial. I wrapped the yarn around my fingers 150 times for a larger pom-pom (this will make sense once you read the tutorial).

And last, but not least, I tied a ribbon around the neck and added a loop for hanging. To see the full segment click here. Also, check out my painting with bubblewrap post here!

Here’s to warmer weather and more signs of spring to come!

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