Easter Egg Printing With Bubble Wrap

Thanks to Two Men and a Truck, I’ve been inspired to do LOTS of crafts that involve packing supplies. I found this particular craft in my photo archives from last year. We had a great afternoon with friends by simply laying out some paint, packing supplies, and an egg template and making some prints!

Here’s a list of things we used to create different designs on our Easter eggs:

Get creative and see what what else looks cool if you dip it in paint and stamp it!

Bubble Wrap Easter Egg Printing

Bubble Wrap Easter Egg Printing

Bubble Wrap Easter Egg Printing

I also had the privilege of sharing this craft on our local Dayton talk show, Living Dayton. Check out the segment by clicking here. Be sure to watch for two additional spring craft ideas during the segment!


As you can see, we came away with some beautiful egg prints! The concept of printing with packing supplies can be applied to any holiday or art project. How will you encourage your child’s creativity with printing?

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