Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

easy valentine's day cards

If you’re like me you waited until the last minute to get those valentines together for the kids upcoming school party. Sure you can run to the store and buy a box of cards with the latest movie characters on them, but here’s an original option that’s super cute and easy! You might even have most of the supplies on hand like I did.

All you’ll need for these quick DIY valentines are:

Have your child write their name on the back of the heart with a short message if they wish and then simply tape the piece of candy of your choice to the heart! We chose Reese’s Hearts 🙂 Begin by tracing out multiple hearts on the back of your scrapbook paper. In order to make the cutting go faster, I stacked about four pieces of paper together so I could cut out for hearts at a time rather than just one.

For a non-candy option, tape a Valentine’s Day pencil on instead! Also, make sure your child’s school doesn’t have certain allergy restrictions if you do choose to use candy. I just love washi tape. It makes anything look cute!

The beauty of this valentine is that you can customize it to your hearts content (see what I did there?). For a boy, use a more masculine scrapbook paper design. If your child wants suckers– no problem! The possibilities are endless without getting too complicated.

The added bonus? Your child’s valentines are completely unique! Also check out my other Valentine’s Day posts for more card ideas and activities. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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