Quick Home Organization: The 4-Box Technique

As I ring in the new year, I wanted a fresh start in my home. I’ve been behind on staying organized, and I didn’t know where to start. It seemed that in every room of my home there was at least one, if not more, piles that I was just waiting to “get to.”  I’ve read several “how-to get organized” articles in the past and always think that bits and pieces of them are great, but they often complicate things for me.

I have 4 small children and no time. While I’m organizing, they’re making a mess. While I’m cleaning their mess, they’re undoing the 8 piles of whatever I just organized.

My challenge: Come up with a quick, easy, system that would make an overwhelming room (or closet, or cabinet) more manageable, and less emotionally stressful.

That’s right. Emotionally stressful. Because that’s what clutter and disorganization are. You’ll stress over another project… stress that company is coming over… stress that you can’t sit in a certain chair in your house or use a certain room, or closet (because it’s a mess!).

Who wants to start off the new year like that?!

The 4-box technique

I’m not a neat and tidy person. It’s my goal every year to strive to be less messy. It never happens. But now I CAN be organized! Being organized and messy are two different things, and here’s how:

Look at the simple mantra, “a place for everything and everything in it’s place.” Imagine if your home, although not spik and span, truly had a place for everything. You could simply take some time (not a ton of time) and walk around and put it all away. Done. But that is the problem. We don’t all have a place for everything!

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Enter a simple 4-box technique that I created to beat clutter and organize any room (or closet, or cabinet) in your home.

Here’s what I labeled the boxes:

  • Has a Place
  • Needs a Place
  • Find a Place to Stash-Away
  • Find a Place to Give-Away

This Friday, I will be demonstrating my 4-box technique on the local Dayton talk show, Living Dayton. Follow-up post to come!

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