Handwriting Hearts: Printable Valentines

handmade valentine's day cards for kids

For the past two years I’ve downloaded free printable valentines from a few generous bloggers, and this year I wanted to give back! Every time the kids and I make valentines, I do most of the work ๐Ÿ˜‰ My 4-year old daughter is a budding artist/crafter and I wanted a valentine that she could make for her friends that was handmade and legible. Sometimes her creativity leaves a lot to the imagination! Since we have been steadily working on our handwriting skills (4 and 5-year-old style) I had the idea to make a valentine that both of my kids could write themselves, with a little help from some trusty manuscript lines and a light-printed message that they can trace! We also added cute Valentine’s Day pencils to go along with the handwriting theme. I went ahead and cut the hearts out for the kids to save time, but we plan on making more hearts for family and I think I’ll have the kids practice their cutting skills as well! We printed on pink card stock that I had, but the possibilities are endless. I would make sure to use card stock if you plan on adding the pencils. Keep reading to download your very own printable valentines!

 Some possible variations of these printable valentines might include:

  • Using decorative scissors to cut-out the hearts
  • Printing on scrapbook paper with a subtle Valentine’s Day motif
  • Gluing the heart to a larger heart of a different color or design
  • Adding stickers
  • Adding glitter 
  • Teachers! For a quick worksheet, simply print and allow the kids to trace and color

All of the printable hearts have a slightly different message that revolving around the theme of writing. Messages include:

  • You’ve got the write stuff, valentine!
  • Our love is written on my heart.
  • Our friendship is written on my heart, valentine!
  • You’re just write. Will you be my valentine?
  • Write this down, I love you! Love, (blank)
  • You’re all-write with me valentine! Love, (blank)
  • Our friendship feels just write! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Blank hearts with manuscript lines so your child can write their own message
  • And more!

There are different variations on each message including hearts with light / bold printing to use depending on your child’s skill level. There is also a larger printable heart for layering (simply cut it out and have your child paste their handwritten heart on top! And also included in the downloadable file (FREE at bottom of post!) are hearts that read:

  • I Love You, Grandma
  • I Love You, Grandpa
  • I Love You, Mom
  • I Love You, Dad
  • I Love You, Brother
  • I Love You, Sister
  • I Love You, _____________

I sincerely hope these will be of use to you moms and teachers out there. Please share or comment if you decide to do this fun, educational craft with your littles this Valentine’s Day!

free printable valentines


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