How to Make A Cardboard Fireplace

I’m at it again. Making something great out of those old moving boxes! In October we were challenged by TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® to make Halloween box costumes. We ended up with a super cute Disney Princess in a box and the perfect robot costume (R2-D2 in this case). You can check out the tutorial and download free printable graphics for the costume here.

Now, what to do with those boxes this Christmas… hmm…

I have to admit, I was a little stumped on picking a project to do for Living Dayton that was holiday-themed. I mean there are sooooo many things you can make out of cardboard! A Christmas tree… ornaments… gift boxes… (See my TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® board on Pinterest). But I wanted to do something original.

It turned out that I had a trip to New York to visit my sister planned for the same time the Living Dayton segment was being taped so our Customer Service Rep, Christina, was gracious enough to step in and cover for me. She suggested making a fireplace for Santa! I thought this was very original, and we don’t have a fireplace so I loved the idea of making one for the kids to hang their stockings on. I got to work right away preparing the fireplace for the show. In my research, I discovered that cardboard fireplaces are pretty popular! Check this out… I wanted to make this simple so my first attempt was to make it out of one wardrobe box. And it worked! Here’s a little step-by-step for you.

1.) Assemble a wardrobe box and seal it with tape.

2.) Use a box cutter to cut the entire box in half vertically.

3.) Take one half of the box and cut off the short sides in order to seal off the back of the other half.

4.) Once your half box has the back panel taped, draw an arched opening at the bottom of the box and cut it out using your box cutter.

5.) Use the scraps that you previously cut off to make “bricks”.

6.) At this point your fireplace should look a little something like this…

7.) I then painted the inside of the fireplace with black paint, and the outside with some old house paint I found in the garage.

8.) Now what’s a fireplace without some fire? And logs! Simply roll up some panels from another old box, running a strip of hot glue periodically as you go.

 9.) Next, slice the smaller roll like a baguette. WARNING! I used a saw for this… It was pretty dangerous, lol.

10.) For the flame, I simply drew the shape I wanted on another piece of cardboard, cut it out, and painted it orange and yellow. I also found red lights at Meijer and a cute little serving basket at Marshalls! has a great set of red lights as well.

Cardboard Fireplace Tutorial

11.) Finally, hang your stockings and enjoy that warm feeling you’ll get from making something awesome! Because when you have a fake fireplace, that really the only warmth there will be!

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