Fall Leaf Garland Craft

You’re undoubtedly racing around trying to pull together details for Thanksgiving dinner, tie up loose ends before hitting the road to see your relatives (like we are), and jotting down your Black Friday shopping list… In any case, none of these activities are much fun for the kids. In fact most of the time the busyness of the holidays might make them feel like they are in the way. Why not slow down for just a few minutes today and squeeze in a fun fall activity before all the real hustle and bustle begins? It’s always fun for me to watch my kids enjoying themselves on a project at the kitchen table while I cook or clean. Truly a win-win! I am also a true believer in setting up fun craft or project that will double as home or seasonal decor. For this project we also took the time to go for a walk and collect leaves. The exercise and brisk autumn air are both a wonderful aid in relaxation!

For this project, I had previously cut a ton of fall leaves to use on a craft for the kids at church (a thankful wreath). However, because I did have help, and this took a fair amount of time, I would suggest purchasing pre-cut ones! But if you happen to have a lot of construction paper (and time!) have at it! We used the classic leaf rubbing technique as one of the ways to decorate our garland. The kids love this and like I said, it’s a good excuse to get everyone outside collecting leaves and enjoying the last bits of the outdoors before winter! It was a little challenging for my 4 year old to hold down the leaf and rub it with enough force to see the detail, but she still loved it anyway, and decided to just color a few whatever way she wanted!

fall leaf garland

We also decided to unleash the glitter on this one! Although glitter is such a mess and can hang around the house for weeks after cleaning, it is still so much fun. And so pretty!! My daughter had been begging me for weeks to use glitter and I thought the garland was the perfect opportunity. Just be sure to lay down a lot large paper or newspaper in an attempt to catch the mess. This tends to work nicely as a way to pour the extra glitter back into it’s container after it’s been far too heavily sprinkled on the leaf!

Fall leaf garland


DIY Leaf Garland Craft

Although we only used glitter and crayons, you could really decorate the leaves with any medium you have on hand! Painting the leaves would be fun too and it would give the leaves a nice realistic “curved at the edges, wrinkly look”.

When we were all done decorating the leaves and the glue was dry, I simply used a small hole punch on different sides of each leaf and strung them onto a piece of twine. I think the garland turned out super cute and accomplished my goal of making the house look a little more festive! What are some of your favorite fall kid crafts?   

 ~ Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy the many blessings of family, friends, and food! ~

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