The No-Nonsense Baby Registry Series: City Mini Double Stroller by Baby Jogger

Photo taken at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, OH by Bella Baby Photography

am starting this no-nonsense registry series off with my most
favorite, most useful, and the most well-made baby item that I have ever
had: The City Mini Double Stroller by Baby Jogger (I have the 2012 model).
As you can see in the picture below I don’t have twins 🙂 BUT my
almost-4-year-old loves to ride along in a stroller. When we are heading
anywhere with a substantial amount of walking, (this includes a walk
around the neighborhood) we use it. TRUST ME when I tell you that I
tried EVERY double stroller option on the market. This includes the
back/front position ones as well as the sit-and-stands. ALL of them were
difficult to push and maneuver in the case of having two children of
different ages/weights. The City Mini was superior to all the others strollers for that reason alone, but honestly I could go on about it… So I will!

Pictured here is the single. Click HERE to see the double. View my complete suggested registry HERE.
It obviously gets the title “Mini” because of its compact size, and claims to be no wider than a
wheelchair and I believe it. I have NEVER had an issue fitting through
an average size doorway. I do not have the shades down in the picture here, but the sun coverage is FAR superior to most other brands.
Did I mention that it’s easy to maneuver?! If we’re walking straight
(obviously not up an incline) I can push it (with both my girls) with
two fingers.

that being said, buying this was a serious investment for me and the
most I have ever spent on a baby item. $500 for a stroller?! Plus I paid
the extra $30 or so for the belly bar. BUT when you consider the ease of use, and all the benefits, this stroller is seriously worth every penny. Just check out all these great reviews!

Not to mention people are reselling these things in good shape at mom-to-mom sales and on craigslist for a pretty penny. So, use the heck out of it, and sell it for $250-$300 when you’re done. No-brainer.

There are A LOT of “extras” with this stroller
that I did not buy, but would’ve loved to. I was experiencing
sticker-shock from the stroller alone 😉 BUT if you’re setting up a registry it wouldn’t hurt to add them! There are also a few different models that I have not tried, but have always heard good things about.

So what are your favorite baby registry items? Let me know in the comment section below!

Please stay-tuned while I unfold all my

Baby Blessings,

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