The No-Nonsense Baby Registry Series: Lifefactory Bottles

Photo taken at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, OH by Bella Baby Photography

Thank you for joining me for my No-Nonsense Baby Registry Series
where I’m highlighting my favorite baby items from a mom-of-3 perspective! By ‘no-nonsense’ I simply mean ‘everything you need minus
the extras that will collect dust and waste money.

I introduced this series with my most favorite, most useful, and the most well-made baby item that I have ever had: The City Mini GT Double Stroller by Baby Jogger. You can read about it here.

Next on my list are Lifefactory glass bottles.

really wanted to get glass bottles to avoid feeling like I was
poisoning my baby with some sort of unknown-hazardous chemical in the
plastic (which I did with my first two. Google BPA.). The
only glass bottles I had see before were the Dr. Brown’s bottles and Evenflo. And honestly, I think both of these brands look great. My only problem stemmed
from the fact that a friend of mine had her baby over my house and she
dropped the bottle on the ceramic kitchen floor and it shattered
everywhere. Enter the silicone sleeve. Baby Girl is 6 months old now and I have dropped these bottles countless times and I have NEVER broken one. Enough said.

For new moms wondering how many to put on their registry, I purchased 3-4oz and 3- 9oz. This has been perfectly adequate. I also purchased 2-2-pack Stage 2 nipples, and 2-2-pack Stage 3 nipples
(they come with Stage 1). I am also really excited that these bottles
transition into sippy cups by simply swapping out the nipple with these sippy caps!

Since we’re on the topic of feeding I
would love to say that I was able to breastfeed my little ones, but
unfortunately I had complications with all three. There are some moms
out there who CANNOT breastfeed and so far I am one of them. I saw countless lactation consultants
and even visited a lactation clinic with my first daughter where her and I were examined and no specific problems were diagnosed. Through
my own research I have concluded (unfortunately too late) that the pain I experience while
nursing is due to this
particular affliction.

It often hurts me to hear moms bash bottle
feeding and be so critical of other mothers. I do agree that breastfeeding is best, but there is a need to
be sensitive to everyone’s situation and not be a breastfeeding bully 😉

Be sure to check out my previous posts for more no-nonsense registry items!

And remember to leave a comment in the section below highlighting your favorite baby item!

 Happy feeding!

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