Introducing: One Mom and a Blog

The name One Mom and a Blog was inspired by the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise system which my husband and I have been proud to be apart of for the last 5 years. We have owned and operated our own franchise for the last 3 years and I have ‘maintained’ a blog for our franchise since then. Our moving blog has always been a source of contention for me. I LOVE promoting our franchise and writing about its happenings, but I have largely been a stay-at-home mom since we’ve opened the business. Admittedly, It has been difficult for me to keep up on the blog and generate content from my at-home perspective.

I am also responsible for our social media avenues (we mostly use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and recently we’ve added Instagram), which is a tad easier, but I still struggle with coming up with interesting, relevant content that people want to read about.

On the other hand I feel like I have A TON to say about being a believer, a wife, a mom, and a small business owner! My struggle has always been how to weave it all together. Then one day I was watching my kids play at the park and it hit me. What if I created a blog about all three? A place where it all makes sense together. Where I can be me: a scatterbrained, project-jumper who has all these responsibilities and doesn’t ever get to focus on just one (Lord, help me focus on The One).

I also have all kinds insecurities about running a blog that have held me back in the past. Like the fact that I’m not very good at grammar (thank goodness for spell-check or that would be a problem), I use way too many run-on sentences, I’m never absolutely sure when and where to use a comma, and my use of the exclamation point is really excessive!! Please bear with me (this is no joke, for some reason I couldn’t remember the correct ‘bear/bare’ to use and I almost gave you all an invitation to undress).

All that aside, I hope you’ll graciously join me on this adventure! I honestly just want to live our lives loving God, each other, and everyone He puts in my path. To start, I am going to re-publish a few of my favorite posts from the moving blog. These are the posts that didn’t quite fit in over there (with the exception of ‘Moving With Kids’).

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Also stay tuned for a series of posts that I am really excited about titled: The No Nonsense Baby Registry. In addition to being schooled in moving over the last 5 years I have also been attending the school of hard-knocks: Motherhood. My youngest daughter is currently 6 months old and this is my third try at getting just the right baby stuff minus all the fluff.

All this and more coming soon!

I’d also like to mention that I am so thankful for the ‘Two Men and a Truck‘ name and the opportunity to humbly represent it. May One Mom and a Blog serve it well. I wish I could scribble down a logo on a napkin like Mary Ellen did, but I’m just not sure how to capture a blog by way of a simple line drawing yet!

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I'm a Child of God, wife, mother of 4, wellness advocate and writer. This blog is a journal of my days, a collection of my recipes and crafts, and hopefully, a platform for all families to share their ideas, encouragement, inspiration and advice! I'm striving to "bloom where I am planted". Don't wait until things are "perfect" to begin sharing your gifts. We are all part of one giant puzzle—don't be a missing piece!