Halloween Box Costume Tutorial: R2-D2

Last week I was challenged by TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® to make a couple of box costumes for Halloween. We ended up with this great R2-D2 costume and a Disney Princess in a box! Here is a little tutorial on how I made the R2-D2 costume for my son. This costume is truly cheap and easy. I like the simplicity of it and hopefully you’ll like the fact that you can download the graphics I drew at the end of the tutorial! Also, check out these segments I did on FOX 45 Dayton and Living Dayton, demonstrating how I made the costumes here and here.

I started with a size small TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® box (this is a great costume because you can use any size box and adjust it to whatever size you need). Then I cut off one of the panels and rolled it up as tightly as I could.

Next, I traced two circles for the arm holes, and wrapped the entire panel in white wrapping paper.

Then I reinforced the edges with white duct tape, and secured the seam.

You’ll end up with more of a triangle shape, but once you add the graphics it ends up great. Was I really using a box cutter on my laminate floor you might ask? Why yes I was. Very carefully 😉 OK, last step… The hat!

I simply purchased a small plastic bowl at the dollar store and wrapped it with the same white paper as I wrapped the cardboard with. I also used Velcro to secure the bowl to a black winter hat. And I found a red bottle cap for the button on the front.

Finally, I printed off the graphics, cut them out, and glue them on. You can also download and print the graphics I drew here!

DIY R2D2 Box Costume

Last year we did a little hair chalking at Halloween time. Check it out here!

~ Happy Halloween ~

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