Hair Chalking Tutorial: A Great Addition to Any Halloween Costume

‘Tis the season for costumes and crazy hair! This
Halloween if you’re kiddos costume involves (or could be enhanced by
some) hair color, might I suggest giving hair chalking a try?

I first
came across this idea on one of my late night Pinterest
binges and thought it would be perfect to try out for Silly Hair Day at
school last year. I never pinned it so upon looking it up (after I snagged some
super cheap sidewalk chalk at target) I learned that most people prefer
to use artists chalk.

was only one blogger that I could find who used sidewalk chalk and it
was on a dog 😉 I figured if it worked for her pooch it could work on my
3 and 4-year-olds! I modified some of the steps she suggested (for the
purposes of a human) and the results were great! No need to spend 10
bucks on artists chalk just for Silly Hair Day that’s for sure!

I enlisted a helper (my husband of course) and he was willing to do the
dirty work! Once the kids painstakingly picked what colors they would
like to use we broke off about a quarter of each stick and allowed them
to soak in warm water for 10 minutes. First we tried 5 minutes, but 10 was

As you can see we chose some of the bolder colors in the bunch! Next, we (I mean he) started scraping the chalk…

here’s where it gets interesting. And messy. First wet the area of hair
you want colored with a spray bottle. Then, wet your hands and pick up
the shavings and rub them between your hands as if you’re going to apply
hair gel.

Then start rubbing it in! As you can see I had the kids wear a hair smock because they were already dressed for school.

blow dry the area that you applied color. I very carefully used the hot
setting (although my four year old did interject at one point asking me
if I could be careful not to burn him again!) You can use the cooler
setting it just might take awhile. Once the hair looks the way you want
it, spray it with some hairspray to further set the chalk and the
position of the hair.

I said the results are great! And totally worth the messy husband 🙂
AND just in case you’re worried… his hands did NOT get stained.
highly recommend this over that toxic spray stuff. It lasted in their
hair all day (although I would recommend letting them jump around on
your furniture the chalk does rub off a bit). It was also super easy to
wash out. Just some mild shampoo did the trick.Haven’t decided what to do for Halloween costumes this year? Check out my Halloween box costume tutorial HERE!

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